Student Assistant Program

Pictured: The Wilson Ballet Season 2020-2021 student assistants:  Ellison, Olivia, Emerson & Lyla - thank you Amber Nassar Photography for our wonderful photography!

Student Assistant Program- Available for The Wilson Ballet and The Medina Ballet

Do you LOVE ballet? Do you enjoy helping younger students? Additional training at no cost?
Our Student Assistant Program might be for you!
We will be offering the student assistant program again for Season 8. We are looking for 4-8 dedicated assistants who are able to help with 1 or more of our class each week at each school. Program applications are respective to the applicant's school of choice.
Who is this for?
Any Primary II student in their 2nd year of training or who have been recommend by the director.

What is required?
You and your student will designated at the time of enrollment what he/she will assist and the class in which they will assist in.

Is there any cost?
Energy, time and a willingness to learn, training time throughout the school year and will maintain a B average of grades in school.

How do I know if my child is ready? Ask us! We would love to help our students gain the confidence and knowledge to become a classroom assistant
Assistants are placed by a combination of the following:
1. Number of classes that need assistants
2. Your availability during classes that require assistance
3. Type of classes you are best suited to assist
Along with additional training, your student will receive: additional discipline, more knowledge and expression of mastered vocabulary, opportunity to demonstrate in front of the classroom, greater responsibility, will learn how to multi-task, and public speaking. Student assistants will also be recognized in a professional photo session with the designated leotard they will wear in class as an assistant.

Inquire or Apply Below:
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! The first form below is for The Wilson Ballet, and the second form is for The Medina Ballet. Please only fill out the form that corresponds to the school your child will or normally attends.

Apply for the Student Assistant Program at The Wilson Ballet!

Please fill out the form below to contact The Wilson Ballet about applying for a Student Assistant position!

Enrollment for The Wilson Ballet Season 9 Open

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Enrollment for The Medina Ballet Season 5 Open